Software AnalyzIR

FOTRIC AnalyzIR software is developed to meet the needs of R&D users. With the help of the software, recorded thermal images and videos can be edited and temperature corrections can be made to obtain more reliable data. At the same time, extensive analyses can be carried out in the software.

  • particularly detailed thermal images for accurate investigations with reliable data
  • very long recording time of videos – up to a size of 1 TB
  • Extracting of single images
  • Merging and separating videos
  • Export of raw data as a .csv file
  • Automatic collection of data (triggers e.g. time, temperature or external I/O)
  • 3D graph of thermal images


  1. Original / temperature difference mode
  2. Spot, line, box, palette, isotherm and other tools
  3. Pre- and post- sampling temperature correction; support sub-regional emissivity setting
  1. ROI temperature vs. time curve; ROI+ROI temperature vs. time curve; Overlay comparison of different thermal video curve
  2. Plot of temperature along the line
  3. Histogram
  4. 3D thermal image